Monthly Archives: January 2012

Goodbye Facebook

Yesterday I deactivated my Facebook account. I also closed the various Facebook fan pages that I run. It’s basically the end of the road, as far as my time at Facebook goes. To be honest, Facebook never really was a great success story for me. I had a small friends circle and I seemed to […]

CSV file UK cities (locations)

CSV file of UK Cities (locations) Below is a nice list of UK cities which you can import straight into your database. I hope this helps someone out there. And for all you MySQL people, scroll down and I’ll give you the insert statement that you can put straight into your database to create the […]

How to create hover buttons with CSS – CASE CLOSED!

Hi, Over the years I’ve had this minor irritation hanging over me. It’s a problem that shows up from time to time and it’s a real pain. The problem is, how to create CSS hover buttons without using Javascript. Over the years there’s been a variety of solutions to this problem. However, it’s a challenge […]