Response to Flight MH17 Shot Down

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As would be expected, the conspiracy community are having a field day because of flight MH17 going down (apparently being shot down) over Eastern Ukraine.

Personally speaking, I don’t have any insider information about what happened and my guess about what happened with regards to Flight MH17 is really just a guess. However, to me it’s shocking to think that it has been and is normal for commercial airlines to fly over war zones which involve armies with sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons. This whole tragic event serves as yet another example of large companies putting lives at risks for the purpose of saving a few quid. The conspiracy community will surely have their theories and the BBC won’t hold back with their usual pro-establishment spin. My own theory is simple. I think that the people of that flight died because an airline company was willing to risk lives for the sake of increasing profits.

The mainstream media is currently pushing the storyline that the plane was shot down by Russians. I have no idea if that is true or not but I can certainly understand why people are feeling great anger towards Russia right now. Would you like to know who I’m angry with? It’s this guy:

Ukrainian Prime Minister

Every time we see (unelected!) Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk on TV, he seems to be doing everything he can to drag us all into world war III. Here he is, responding to the incident by saying, “this is the war against the world”.

In any event, the main point that I wanted to make actually has little to do with politics or theories about what happened. I’d like to discuss something which nobody seems to be talking about. Aircraft safety.

On CNN tonight they had a reporter on the scene who gave a gruesome account of what he had observed at the crash site. Bodies. Lots of dead bodies. What turned out to be a surprise was the discovery that most of the bodies looked entirely uninjured. It’s reasonable to speculate that most of those poor passengers must have fallen from the sky, almost certainly entirely conscious, right up until the moment that they made contact with the ground.

Can you imagine what must have been going through the minds of those perfectly healthy people for the several minutes that they would have been falling through the air?

Can you imagine the horror?

I believe that the time has come to say enough is enough. Regardless of what your own theories and political affiliations may be, I think it’s time for consumers to demand that airline manufacturers designer and install ‘worst case scenario’ safety equipment on all commercial flights. That means parachutes.

I’m being totally serious here. From the moment of missile impact / bomb going off / engine failure / whatever there are several minutes until the event reaches it’s final conclusion. Unlike the rest of the world, I’m not willing to say “fuk em”, to those who have been unlucky enough to board a doomed aircraft which is now hurtling towards the Earth.

I do not accept for a moment that the idea of having safety parachutes being integrated into commercial aircrafts is a technical challenge which is beyond the reach of humanity. That’s bullshit!

We’ve landed people on the moon. We’ve figured out how to split atoms. We’ve figured out how to transplant hearts. We’ve figured out how to clone animals. Building a parachute based safety mechanism for commercial aircraft should be child’s play for the human race!

For what it’s worth, I can envisage an emergency eject function which could be deployed in the case of the ultimate emergency. This system, when activated, could break the aircraft into several segments. Each segment might hold – let’s say – a cluster of eight to twelve seats. Each segment would be designed to function like a typical aircraft eject system – as we see in fighter jets, for example – when triggered. So this means that each cluster would have an automatically deployable parachute as well as a propulsion systems to safely move the cluster of seats away from the doomed aircraft fuselage. It’s possible.

I am sure that other designs are also possible and – as a matter of fact – if you think that the idea of an airplane parachute system is ridiculous, HERE IS AN EXAMPLE OF ONE BEING USED:

I repeat my key message. It is no longer acceptable to say, “it can’t be done”. Folks, it can be done! Don’t let anybody fool you. The only reason why we’re not seeing these kinds of features being designed for and integrated with commercial aircraft is because the greedy companies running these ventures don’t want to incur extra expenses.

For the human race to move forward we must challenge “the impossible”. We must challenge ourselves to come up with intelligent solutions to technical challenges which can definitely be solved. I’m not saying that a parachute deployment system would have saved everyone on flight MH17, but if it could save one life then it would be worth it!

Remember folks, it’s all about the money.


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