Monthly Archives: March 2014

Mac running slow? Ditch Teamviewer!

I’ve been getting bothered all day by my Mac going really slow.  Ridiculously slow. Anyway, I played around with a few things and bla bla bla.  Eventually I noticed that Teamviewer was running in the background and it wouldn’t quit.  So, I uninstalled Teamviewer and now my Mac is back up to full speed. So, […]

10 reasons why Kevin Trudeau should NOT get a heavy sentence

Kevin Trudeau is due to be sentenced on Monday.  Whatever the outcome may be I’ll probably be writing a response, for what it’s worth.  In the meantime, here’s ten reasons why Kevin Trudeau should not get a heavy sentence: 1.  The key complaint against Kevin Trudeau, put forth by the prosecution, is that he described […]