Microsoft Share Price Drops As would be expected, the conspiracy community are having a field day because of flight MH17 going down (apparently being shot down) over Eastern Ukraine. Personally speaking, I don’t have any insider information about what happened and my guess about what happened with regards to Flight MH17 is really just a […]

I’ve been getting bothered all day by my Mac going really slow.  Ridiculously slow. Anyway, I played around with a few things and bla bla bla.  Eventually I noticed that Teamviewer was running in the background and it wouldn’t quit.  So, I uninstalled Teamviewer and now my Mac is back up to full speed. So, […]

Kevin Trudeau is due to be sentenced on Monday.  Whatever the outcome may be I’ll probably be writing a response, for what it’s worth.  In the meantime, here’s ten reasons why Kevin Trudeau should not get a heavy sentence: 1.  The key complaint against Kevin Trudeau, put forth by the prosecution, is that he described […]

I’ve been fooling around with Python for the last 24 hours and I am beginning to think that PHP users have good reason to consider a switch to Python. I don’t know much about Ruby on Rails but based on conversations with my Insider friend, Ishouvik, I’m pretty sure I could replace the word “Python” […]

Have you ever built a website that fires emails (perhaps important confirmation emails) but the emails either: * Take ages to send OR * Don’t send at all It’s a drag and it’s a problem that has plagued me for ages.  PHP and emails generally don’t get along, in my opinion.  Emails fired from PHP […]

I was just enjoying a conversation at the Insider Club discussion forums.  You can join for free at  Anyway, I was discussing the future of CodeIgniter with an Insider Club member called Ivars.  He was asking if I knew any technically brilliant PHP developers and suggested that perhaps we could convince them to come […]

Unless you’ve been living on another planet you may have noticed that Gmail now segregates emails into three different tabs by default; primary, social and promotions. Let me tell you how I responded to that development.  Within minutes of discovering Google’s new email tabs I wrote and launched a PHP script which prevents anyone with […]

I can see that Google has now given everybody three mail boxes, whether they like it or not: * the normal one * one for social media * one for promotions Already I have missed tonnes of emails which have came in from people who I want to hear from. Even some emails from fellow […]

Did you watch the final of Wimbledon the other day?  I thought it was fantastic.  There were points in the game where I was so nervous and excited that I could barely bring myself to look at the screen.  What Andy Murray has achieved is outstanding.  I’m a big fan.  My mum is a super […]

One of the biggest challenges facing humanity today is the fact that little by little, year by year, our rights are being taken away from us.  However, the real surprise is that most of the time when basic human rights are taken away from us, it’s not some grand event that sparks mass outrage.  It’s […]