Microsoft Share Price Drops As would be expected, the conspiracy community are having a field day because of flight MH17 going down (apparently being shot down) over Eastern Ukraine. Personally speaking, I don’t have any insider information about what happened and my guess about what happened with regards to Flight MH17 is really just a […]

I’ve been getting bothered all day by my Mac going really slow.  Ridiculously slow. Anyway, I played around with a few things and bla bla bla.  Eventually I noticed that Teamviewer was running in the background and it wouldn’t quit.  So, I uninstalled Teamviewer and now my Mac is back up to full speed. So, […]

Kevin Trudeau is due to be sentenced on Monday.  Whatever the outcome may be I’ll probably be writing a response, for what it’s worth.  In the meantime, here’s ten reasons why Kevin Trudeau should not get a heavy sentence: 1.  The key complaint against Kevin Trudeau, put forth by the prosecution, is that he described […]

I’ve been fooling around with Python for the last 24 hours and I am beginning to think that PHP users have good reason to consider a switch to Python. I don’t know much about Ruby on Rails but based on conversations with my Insider friend, Ishouvik, I’m pretty sure I could replace the word “Python” […]

Have you ever built a website that fires emails (perhaps important confirmation emails) but the emails either: * Take ages to send OR * Don’t send at all It’s a drag and it’s a problem that has plagued me for ages.  PHP and emails generally don’t get along, in my opinion.  Emails fired from PHP […]

I was just enjoying a conversation at the Insider Club discussion forums.  You can join for free at  Anyway, I was discussing the future of CodeIgniter with an Insider Club member called Ivars.  He was asking if I knew any technically brilliant PHP developers and suggested that perhaps we could convince them to come […]

Unless you’ve been living on another planet you may have noticed that Gmail now segregates emails into three different tabs by default; primary, social and promotions. Let me tell you how I responded to that development.  Within minutes of discovering Google’s new email tabs I wrote and launched a PHP script which prevents anyone with […]