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Codeigniter Form Validation : Part One

GEEK ALERT:  If you’re not a web developer who uses Codeigniter then this blog will not interest you.   I’ll go back to my usual chatty vibes soon. If you ARE a web developer and you’re interested in Codeigniter then this is the beginning of my attempt to clarify how advanced form validation works.  As far […]

Still Running?

A few days ago I did something that I promised myself I’d never ever do. I joined Facebook. It was really strange to see so many faces from the past. It also brought back a lot of memories from my school days. I must confess that it made me rather emotional to see all those […]

The Social Network : film review

Last night I headed out to the cinema and watched The Social Network.  I’m led to believe that this is the first of what might turn out to be a new genre of films – films that document how extremely successful dot coms started up.  The Social Network shows how a somewhat nerdy Harvard student […]

How Digital Nervous Systems Can Make Websites Work

So there I was, happily working at my desk when my new boss suddenly stormed into my office and ordered me to “Stop what you’re doing. We need to talk.” I knew, from the tone of his voice, that this was serious. A real crisis. The year was 2004 and I’d been a web developer […]

Hello Blogging World

Hello Universe! Yes indeed, after years of planning here it is – my first ever blog!  Emmm… buy my stuff? -David Connelly

Hello world!

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