10 reasons why Kevin Trudeau should NOT get a heavy sentence

Kevin Trudeau is due to be sentenced on Monday.  Whatever the outcome may be I’ll probably be writing a response, for what it’s worth.  In the meantime, here’s ten reasons why Kevin Trudeau should not get a heavy sentence:

1.  The key complaint against Kevin Trudeau, put forth by the prosecution, is that he described his weight loss system as being “easy”.  Trudeau’s system involved a 500 calorie per day diet and indeed, no stretch of the English language could call that easy.  However, a key component of that diet is the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone, which participants are encouraged to take.  The HTC hormone is a powerful hunger suppressant.  It’s entirely reasonable to assume that Kevin’s system would be easy for someone who happened to be taking that hormone.

2.  The weight loss system that Trudeau wrote about is neither obscure, nor unique, nor even new.  Lots of other people have discussed, endorsed and marketed HCG based weight loss systems across the mainstream media, without being attacked for decades.  HERE is a video of the HCG diet being discussed on a popular TV show.  In the show there’s several people openly and happily endorsing the diet.  Why aren’t they being prosecuted?

3.  During the trial, social media, the mainstream media and the prosecution have submitted a variety of blanket accusations relating to Kevin Trudeau’s alleged history of dodgy dealings.  These include criticisms of the Global Information Network and those of us who have followed the case will be accustomed to seeing unhappy ex-GIN members appearing on the scene to discuss their disapproval of Trudeau.  However, none of this should be relevant to the case.  Unless I’m very much mistaken, the US legal system works on a case by case basis.  So, this particular trial has nothing to do with the Global Information Network, nor does it have anything to do with Mega Memory or any of KT’s other ventures.  The blatant mud slinging that we have seen during this case has been unfair and against the spirit of working on a case by case basis.  The question must be asked, “Is KT being prosecuted for the Weight Loss Cure or is he being prosecuted based on twenty years of vaguely defined, allegedly unsavoury conduct?”  If it’s the latter, as appears to be the case, then the trial has been a sham.

4. The world has just watched in disgust as Trayvon Martin’s killer walked free and, it seems, is now going on to enjoy celebrity status.  Quite frankly, the US legal system is the laughing stock of Europe and the rest of the civilised world.  If KT (an infomercial pitchman) goes down against the backdrop of Trayvon Martin’s killer walking then it will hammer home the message that the US legal system is broken.  More than that, it will send the message that America is a sick country with a deeply unfair society.  Right now, given the state of the current global/political scenario, the US govt cannot afford to lose yet more credibility.  At this stage, it’s worth pausing to spare a thought for Bradley Manning, Edward Snowden and the Guantanamo Bay prisoners, to name but a few.  Like Trayvon Martin, all of these people have been let down by a broken and corrupt US legal system.  America, your reputation is in tatters.  Don’t make things even worse by giving Trudeau a heavy sentence!

5. The kind of products and services that have been sold by KT over the years are no different to the kinds of products are services sold by other personalities of the self help industry like; Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Esther Hicks, Wayne Dyer and many others.

6. In an ultimate act of betrayal, Kevin Trudeau’s most vocal critics (e.g., previous business partner “Dr” Leonard Coldwell) have recently created their own Global Information Network clones.  These new Gin-Wannabes appear to have precisely the same format and business model of GIN.  This matters because it allows us to comfortably discredit Trudeau’s most vocal critics since everything they say is tainted with their own covert, unethical and back-stabbing commercial aspirations.

7. If Kevin Trudeau gets a heavy sentence then it’s not going to change anything on the ground.  The self help industry will continue to chug along as normal.  Alex Jones and other conspiracy nuts will continue to have their talk shows.  Dr C and the others will continue to plug their GIN clones.  Giving Kevin Trudeau a heavy sentence will not be seen as a warning shot by others who might have similar aspirations.  On the contrary, it will almost certainly be seen as an all clear signal – a thumbs up to go ahead and create similar (though no doubt inferior) products and services to those sold by Trudeau.  With Trudeau out of the way, it leaves others free to bastardise his ideas without risk of being prosecuted by Trudeau’s own legal team.

8. The false claims that Kevin Trudeau has allegedly made are trivial and insignificant next to the preposterous claims which are currently being put forth by other proponents of the self help industry.  Here is someone claiming to have found a cure to cancer.  Here is a best selling self help author claiming to be channelling information from the spirit world.

9. Going back to the Weight Loss Cure:  In spite of over 850,000 sales, only 67 complaints about the book were registered through any formal mechanism.  This means that only 0.000079% of customers complained about the book.  These numbers aren’t being disputed by anyone and they suggest a level of customer satisfaction which is astoundingly high.

10. If Kevin Trudeau gets a heavy sentence then the natural conclusion for people like me will be that KT’s conspiracy theories are actually conspiracy facts.


“Beware of those in whom the urge to punish is strong.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


  1. Thank you for your perspectives…I appreciate your thoughts.

  2. Pete Fernandez · · Reply

    The reasons put forth are obviously nonsense but the crux of Parkerandhobbs argument is that the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone, which Truedeau peddles participants are encouraged to take. He goes on to state that HTC hormone is a powerful hunger suppressant. Wikipedia quotes doctors and researchers who state that the above is a crock with no validity. Both hucksters and cockroaches both need eradication..

    1. parkerandhobbes · · Reply

      You’ve said that the reasons that I put forth are obviously nonsense without even making an attempt to explain why they’re nonsense. So, straight away you’ve lost credibility.

      Speaking of credibility, Wikipedia is certainly not an authoritative source of information, as far as medicine goes. If you think it is then you’re obviously not from an academic background. A quick search on Google immediately produces a selection of doctors who do openly endorse the HCG diet. Unless you’ve conducted your own blind study I think the most concrete thing that you can say is:

      “Lots of doctors dispute the effectiveness of HCG diets.”

      Even if I accept your proposition that the HCG diet is a crock then there’s enough doctors supporting the diet for us to have room for debate. Now, if an author (such as Kevin Trudeau) had reached his conclusions based on the kind of information that’s all over the web and on shows like the Doctor Oz show then the question is not, “Do we like the HCG diet?” or even “Do HCG diets work?”.

      The key question in this instance IS,

      “Was is reasonable for Kevin Trudeau to describe the HCG diet as being ‘easy’?”

      Now, in this discussion I can be the most sceptical person in the universe, as far as that particular weight loss system goes. The truth is, I am probably as skeptical about the HCG diet as you are. The key difference is, I happen to think it’s reasonable for Trudeau to have used the word ‘easy’, based on the evidence that’s currently all over the web. Unlike you – I certainly don’t think it’s reasonable to jail somebody for many years for using that word.

      So, I’m happy to take any of my ten points one at a time and go through them thoroughly. If you want to come back to me or move onto another point then I’ll be glad to hear from you.

      Thanks for your response.


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