I can see that Google has now given everybody three mail boxes, whether they like it or not: * the normal one * one for social media * one for promotions Already I have missed tonnes of emails which have came in from people who I want to hear from. Even some emails from fellow […]

Did you watch the final of Wimbledon the other day?  I thought it was fantastic.  There were points in the game where I was so nervous and excited that I could barely bring myself to look at the screen.  What Andy Murray has achieved is outstanding.  I’m a big fan.  My mum is a super […]

One of the biggest challenges facing humanity today is the fact that little by little, year by year, our rights are being taken away from us.  However, the real surprise is that most of the time when basic human rights are taken away from us, it’s not some grand event that sparks mass outrage.  It’s […]

For anyone following my CI tutorials, you can find the code for this at http://www.insiderclub.org/perfectmodel or http://www.insiderclub.org/perfectcontroller.  

About a month ago I had a terrible coughing fit during the middle of the night and literally lost the ability to breath in. It lasted for a scary minute. Anyway, this interesting new experience has been happening on and off for some time. The upshot is that I have whooping cough. I’ve had it […]

van graphics I recently read an article entitled Why Codeigniter is Dead and it confirmed my fears that the PHP community – particularly the frameworks community – is moving entirely in the wrong direction.  If you are a web developer and you use any of the major PHP frameworks then I’m sure you’ll appreciate what I’m […]

by David Connelly   When I first got into the web – back in the mid 90s – website design was like a brave new art form.  It was exciting, it was modern and to me it was kind of mysterious.  Even though I was never much of a designer, I was eager to be […]