The death of email marketing

I can see that Google has now given everybody three mail boxes, whether they like it or not:

* the normal one
* one for social media
* one for promotions

Already I have missed tonnes of emails which have came in from people who I want to hear from. Even some emails from fellow insiders are getting filtered into social media or the dreaded ‘promotions’ box.

These boxes are effectively functioning as spam filters and very aggressive spam filters at that. This is going to have a devastating effect on those who depend on any form of email marketing to earn a living. Personally speaking, I have only taken an interest in email marketing within the last six months. I don’t have a massive list, I don’t have much to lose and it’s not my thing.

However, I fear for those big shot internet marketing gurus whose entire careers are founded on email marketing.  I happen to be subscribed to a number of those lists and lately ALL of their emails are being filtered into ‘promotions’.  I think the gurus are screwed.


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