My take on Edward Snowden

One of the biggest challenges facing humanity today is the fact that little by little, year by year, our rights are being taken away from us.  However, the real surprise is that most of the time when basic human rights are taken away from us, it’s not some grand event that sparks mass outrage.  It’s something that happens very quietly and without any outcry or protest.  For example – and speaking of protests – here in the UK, within the last couple of years, the general public has lost the right to protest.  Now we need to apply for a permit before we can have a peaceful protest.  The walls are definitely closing in.

One of the other rights that you have also lost somewhere along the line – quietly, without your knowledge and without your consent – is the right to privacy.  Folks, your privacy matters.  Your right to privacy deserves to be respected – whatever the cost may be.  It’s non negotiable.  However, thanks to Edward Snowden we can now confirm what many of us suspected all along.  The US (and British!) governments are tracking, recording and storing our every movement online, and they are doing so in collusion with the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon and other heavy hitters of the IT world.

Personally speaking I think that the real news flash of the past year is not the privacy intrusions.  It’s the now rubber stamped proof that the political systems of the UK and US governments along with the mainstream media are are being controlled by ruthless global corporations.  The fact that the likes of Google and Amazon are meeting in private to hold talks with our political leaders – for instance at the recent Bilderberg meeting at Watford – is something which should cause outrage.

I’m not a conspiracy nut.  I don’t want to be a conspiracy nut and I believe that all human beings are fundamentally good, peace loving and well intentioned.  However, I think it’s blatantly clear to see that the US and British governments are corrupt to the core and are not working for the best interests of the electorate but for the best interests of the large corporations who have covertly bribed their way into running the whole show.

As I write, certain elements of the mainstream media are trying hard to demonise Edward Snowden.  Their goal is to take the focus away from the fact that a huge crime against humanity has been committed by the US government.   The mainstream media no doubt wants to have us to focus on some ‘traitor’ who is on the run.  It’s also clear that the US government are hoping that they can get their hands on Snowden so that they can make an example of him – perhaps by sending him to jail for a long period of time.

As recently as a year ago I used to hear people like David Icke warning us that the world was being controlled by the elite ruling class.  I have to confess, I didn’t even know what that meant.  However, now I do understand very clearly what it means.  I think other people all over the world are starting to understand what it means.  My hope is that what has happened with Edward Snowden represents a change.  A tipping point in which people of reason all over the world say “enough is enough”.  Clearly the mainstream media have failed to demonise Snowden and – perhaps for the first time – ordinary people like me are finally starting to understand how the world is run.  The human race is waking up and as David Icke says, the lion sleeps no more!

Peace, love and vegetables.



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