How to embed a Google map (maps) onto your webpage using an iframe

It really bugs me when I’m trying to do something quite straightforward and nobody on the web seems to come up with a simple and short answer.  I’ve wasted a bit of time today trying to figure this out and it turned out to be easy peasy.  So, if you would like to embed a simple Google map onto your webpage, without APIs, javascript knowledge and frankly, a big waste of time then here’s all you have to do:

Step One:  Go to Google Maps and find the place that you want to have on the map.  Perhaps it’s your place of work, your prison cell or the home of your therapist.

Step Two:  When you’ve found your location, on Google maps, zoom in and out then generally click around until you’re happy that it looks finger licking good.

Step Three: Look for a little chain link symbol on the webpage you’re looking at.  Right now it happens to be near the top left hand side of the page (but Google have been known to move it around).  Click that baby!

Step Four:  Copy and paste the Code.  That’s the code that you need to put on your website to make it work.  There is no need to do anything else at all to make it work.

Step Five:  Smugly – but quietly – laugh at all those tragic idiots who are currently reading complicated documentation, hanging about forums and signing up for Google API keys – all trying to do something that you’ve just done in less than two minutes.

Step Six:  Join my Insider Club and enjoy more free tips and information which will make your life better and give you a fuller head of hair.  It’s at:


PS – Okay, I lied about the hair but it’s still good!


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