Kent Lewis Predicts the Future of Social Media

Below is an extract from the latest broadcast from my internet marketing radio show over at


I’m not going to waste one minute. I’m not even going to waste two minutes. Joining me this week is a man who is a true expert of the internet marketing universe and I mean that in the truest sense of the word. He is the president and founder of Anvil Media and also the president and founder of Formic Media. I’m so pleased to introduce today, all the way from the USA, Kent Lewis.

DC: Kent, how you doing?
KL: I’m good thanks, it’s exciting to be a part of your show.
DC: Well thank you so much for being here it’s a pleasure and a privilege. Now, tell me… I have a couple of things I have to ask here Kent, you know, I’m sorry if I’m catching you off guard with this but the guests who come on the show – I always like to do a wee bit of research and see what they’ve been up to – I have to tell you, I have never seen a linked in profile like yours in the history of my life. You know how you go to the recommendations bit and sometimes you’ll get somebody saying ‘yeah, he’s okay, you know, he done a good job’ and all of that, well, I looked at yours and there’s something like 89 recommendations and it’s just paragraph after paragraph after… I was scrolling for miles! You almost broke my computer! So, how on Earth did you become the most popular guy in the universe, what’s the story and how much did you pay them?

KL: Yeah, the cheque is most definitely in the mail with those folks. You know, what’s interesting is I do write and speak a bit on LinkedIn and I wouldn’t consider myself a Power User because I don’t use it for networking. I use it for thought leadership, to answer questions on Questions and Answers and to participate in LinkedIn Groups but the reason I have so many recommendations is because about five years ago when LinkedIn launched, a buddy of mine who’s a sales guy slash business development guy – he and I were racing to see who could get 500 connections the fastest, you know, we were having a side bet and I said also, ‘Hey, let’s see who can get the most recommendations’ and I thought it would be interesting to have a recommendation for every job I’ve ever had, at least one or two. And so I tried to do that, I tried to round up the recommendations because I think connections is a bredth issue, you know how many people do you know well enought to say connect? And the recommendations are the depth. But honestly after I got you know twenty or thirty recommendations I kinda stopped and they just kept piling on and most of that is because of my philosophy about both networking and just kinda building my career is that whole Pay it Forward methodology. I don’t know if you ever saw the movie Pay it Forward…


Click here to listen to the full Kent Lewis predicts the future of social media marketing interview


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