The Greatest Web Development Tutorial in the World

This is the greatest and best web development tutorial in the world. If you’re an aspiring web developer and you’d like to learn some amazing web development skills then I’m here to blow your mind.

You might be wanting to learn some PHP. Perhaps you’re interested in Ajax. Or, how about one of those fancy web development frameworks like Zend or Yii? Maybe you’re trying to learn about databases. Perhaps ASP is your thing. Whatever you want to learn, my goal now is to make this the best tutorial you’ve ever read on the subject. I’m going to show you an astoundingly simple method for mastering any web development skill easily, effortlessly and at least ten times quicker than whatever else you’re use to.

But before I unveil my revolutionary and simple solution to your web development challenges, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of what the old alternatives are. So, I’m assuming here that you have some web development skill that you’d like to learn. Here’s the choices that you have before you:

LEARNING METHOD 1: Read a book

PROBLEM: Working your way through books on the subject of anything to do with computing is a very slow process. Furthermore, the vast majority of books on the subject of web development (I’ve read a few) will spend a great deal of time focussing on areas which aren’t of interest to you – for example, if you want to learn PHP then all those pages about configuring servers might not applicable for what you’re hoping to achieve. Another challenge with learning from books is that you can’t stop the author mid sentence to ask for clarification about what’s being talked about. It’s a drag.

LEARNING METHOD 2: Online Discussion Forums

PROBLEM: Well, I’ll hand it to you – at first glance this does seem like an ideal solution. The perfect platform for learning about web development. Online discussion forums are free, totally interactive and usually occupied by good supply of experts. Sounds great right? Wrong!

As any forum regular will confirm, all those lofty experts on the forums hate being asked stupid questions from beginners. Ask the wrong question and you will end up being at the receiving end of a tidal wave of abuse, with people angrily demanding that you RTFM (read the “Frankenstein” Manual!).

The main problem with forums is that to get any sort of respect from your fellow forum members, you have to contribute to the community by answering questions posted by other people. Don’t forget that you must never ask (what they consider to be) stupid questions. If you’re a learner then that’s a very unpleasant situation to be in. Of course, one other problem with discussion forums is that there’s lots of people on those forums who haven’t got a clue what they’re talking about. It’s easy to be given poor advice. All in all, the whole forum gig just doesn’t work. Baaah!

LEARNING METHOD 3: Online Tutorials

PROBLEM: Ok, I’ll admit that this is the best option we’ve had so far. It’s free, the code is usually written for you and you don’t have to deal with angry forum dwellers who hate you for asking stupid (ie, perfectly reasonable) questions. The online tutorial gig can be a great means of learning your technology of choice. The trouble is, like books, it’s a slow way of learning. It’s difficult to ask follow up questions and finding good online tutorials is extremely difficult – particularly in the world of web development. In case you haven’t noticed yet, people who are into computers are usually not the best communicators in the world. If you can find good online tutorials on your subject then you’ve struck gold. If not then it’s back to the drawing board.

LEARNING METHOD 4: Trial and Error

PROBLEM: Some people seem to think that the best way of learning a new web development skill is to simply tinker away with their computers for hours, trying to figure out how things are put together. Of course, this strategy is deeply flawed. Not only does it waste lots of time but the chances are that you’ll end up developing bad habits and doing things “the wrong way”. This is the kind of scenario that you could cost you in the future. I urge you not to be a tinkerer.

LEARNING METHOD 5: Go to a Class or Learn from a Friend

PROBLEM: Unless you’re wanting to learn some very basic HTML the chances are that your technology of choice hasn’t yet made it onto the mainstream educational curriculum. As a general rule, colleges and universities are at least five years behind what is happening at the cutting edge of the web development world. The computing department at my old university, Glasgow University, still does not teach PHP which is the most popular scripting language on the web.

As for friends… well, friends are great but I’d question whether your friend is really an expert or perhaps just someone who knows a little bit more than you do about your technology of choice. For what it’s worth, I think it’s probably a good idea to keep your friends as friends. Don’t turn your friends into unpaid teachers. They’ll resent it and it could damage your valuable friendships. Learning method number five must be ruled out.


The answer is so simple that everybody seems to be missing it! The answer (you may insert a drum roll here) is personal one to one online tuition.

It’s a strange and bizarre state of affairs but most expert web developers are not wealthy. Even the good ones. They’re just ordinary everyday people, like you and I, who are trying to get by in life. They have the same kind of hopes and fears as we do. They worry about paying the rent and normal things like that. The point is, there’s lots of expert web developers would be absolutely delighted to help you out in exchange for a fair and honest payment. Don’t run away! Stick with me now and hear me out. We’re not talking about a lot of money here.

Whatever it is you’re trying to learn, I bet there’s a world class expert out there who would be glad to offer you personal one to one tuition for the same kind of price that you might pay for a good night out. This, my friend, is quite possibly the best investment you can possibly make with your hard earned cash.

Of course, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about this. I’m going to tell you the right way.

You should find an online discussion forum where experts in your technology of choice hang out. Then you should create a post saying ‘Blankity Blank Expert Help Wanted’. On your post, don’t mince your words or get involved in any of the usual forum banter. Just say as plainly as you can that you want to learn about “blankity blank” and you wish to pay for online tuition. If you have some very specific thing that you want to learn then go ahead and say so. Give notice in advance that you’re a learner and that you have lots of silly questions that you’d like to ask about the technology. If you get responses from people just telling you to read the manual or trying to offer some help via the forum, simply thank them but tell them that you require one to one tuition. You must absolutely must not get involved in any kind of in depth forum discussion. Remember, you’re here to hire – not to chat. Try this strategy and your post will stand out like a sore thumb. You’re sure to receive a positive response from at least one expert who is willing to help you out. On the web, experts aren’t difficult to find.

Once you’ve found your expert trainer, you should use free software to create the perfect learning environment for you. I recommend using a combination of Skype (so you can talk with your trainer) and Teamviewer so that you and your trainer can be looking at the same screen at the same time.

Once those experts come forward and offer to help you out, tell them that you want them to talk via Skype, Yahoo, MSN (or whatever software you’d like to use for voice). Then, tell them that you want them to be looking at your screen (during the lesson) and working with your computer via Teamviewer, which can be downloaded for free at Remember, you’re going to be paying for your training and you can enjoy the luxury of having things done your way. Do NOT work from their computer. It’s important that your computer is where the focus of attention is – that way you’ll come away from the whole experience with some code examples and perhaps some good notes too.

I’d highly recommend booking two hours of tuition with your expert trainer. One hour is just a bit too short for it to have any real value (for either of you) and more than two hours is too much. So, I recommend trying it out for two hours. You can easily take a ten minute break half way through, if you want to. During your lesson you should get your trainer to slowly walk you through some examples and you should also take time away from the coding to ask any questions you have about the technology that you’re trying to learn. It’s also nice to have a stop watch counting down on the screen so that you can both keep an eye on your time. For that I use Cool Timer which is another free download. The minute your lesson is over, pay your trainer. For that I use Paypal. Most developers have a Paypal account and it’s a fast and easy way to transfer funds to them.

I guarantee that you’ll be astounded at how enjoyable and fast this method of learning is. Skills and techniques that would normally take two of three weeks to get down can be mastered in just two hours. It’s amazing! No other learning method is as fast. The really strange thing is that nobody else seems to be doings this. I can’t explain why that’s the case.

Personally speaking, I’ve just enjoyed a two hour lesson from a Codeigniter guru in America who taught me about some really cutting edge coding techniques. I went into that tutorial hardly knowing anything about the subject. By the end of the tutorial we’d covered tonnes of material that wasn’t available anywhere else. Not only that, but I now have working examples and notes on my computer. If I ever forget what I was taught then it doesn’t matter – all of the code we went over, with notes, is stored on my computer and it’s ready to be used whenever I need it. I won’t say how much this cost me but I will say that it was a great value for money. I like to think it was a happy two hours for my trainer too. A real win-win situation. It’s so nice to be able to learn from a real expert!

If you don’t like the idea of paying for expert help then I challenge you to ask yourself what your time is worth.  I mean, let’s look at the logic.  It’s probably going to take you at least three to six months to learn any cutting edge web development skill if you use the “old” methods that everyone else is using.  Surely it make sense just to hire an expert and speed the whole process up. 

Anyway, that concludes my recommendation for you. Turbo charge your learning, have fun with this and spread some good will. This has been the greatest web development tutorial in the world. Thanks for reading.


PS – Please comment and let me know you’re alive! I’d love to hear from you.


  1. GREAT stuff AGAIN David!…equally valuable for any discipline looking to be learned. BEST wishes Iain

    1. 123, test…

  2. nice post so informative
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  3. Tahzeeb Sattar · · Reply

    Well said David

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